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A directory of therapists, healers, psychics/intuitives, spiritual advisors,
body workers, massage therapists, nutritionists, teachers, authors,
and other practitioners in the healing/spiritual community
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Natural Awakenings - Rockland and Orange           
Deborah Turner: Publisher
Natural Awakenings Rockland and Orange is a free local magazine about holistic
health and sustainable living.  The magazine is intended to educate and inform
people about alternative health modalities and eco-friendly living so that people can
make informed choices.  There is a monthly calendar of events so that like-minded
individuals can connect with others. Additionally, there are local newsbriefs, as well
as articles written by local practitioners.
25 Years Experience as a caring, compassionate chiropractor who will do anything
and everything to help his patients get well.  Specializing in Herniated and Bulging
Discs-extensive experience and very good results treating patients with all kinds of
great success treating all kinds of bone, muscle, nerve and joint problems.
A high percentage of my patients come in with serious disc problems. Fortunately, I
am able to help the vast majority of these patients.
Jennifer "The Tarot Pixie"                Tarot Card Readings by Jennifer

Intuitive tarot card & psychic readings.
Intuitive psychic and tarot card reader, offering in-person & telephone consultations.  
Reading at Peaceful Paths in Butler, NJ.
Lynne McLewin                                Counseling for Children & Adults:
             Intuitive Talk Therapy & Energy Healing

Lynne McLewin's unique synthesis of multiple healing modalities and years of
experience with nutrition and psychology provide clients with tools for deep
exploration and healing.  Sessions can be in person or on the phone.  Counseling for
children and adults: Intuitive talk therapy with an energy field that supports you,
facilitates change, and helps you see the hologram of your life.
Spiritual Healing for children and adults: Intuitive blend of Barbara Brennan Healing,
Clearing of personal, home and work energy fields.
Lynne McLewin's unique synthesis of multiple healing modalities and years of
experience with nutrition and psychology provide clients with tools for deep
exploration and healing.  Sessions can be in person or on the phone.
Barbara Anderson                                 Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection
Authorized practitioner of the work of Dr. Eric Pearl known as Reconnective Healing and
The Reconnection.  Your bodies are attuned to the 333 frequency in a healing bringing
are reconnected to the Earth grids and beyond, connecting you to a fifth dimensional
consciousness. The 333 frequency is energy, Light and information, accelerating your
life path and advancing your evolution.
Linda Mitchell, CRM, NCMT, CHHC              Whole Body Health Therapeutic Massage

Reiki Master:  Life force energy vitalizes and balances body energy, harmonizes and
strengthens the immune system, eases pain, greatly reduces anxiety.
Holistic Health and Nutrition Counseling: Personal program to radically improve your
life, resolve concerns around food & your body & provide tools for a lifetime of balance.
Therapeutic Massage:  practicing Swedish, Deep Tissue, Craniosacral, Sports,
Reflexology, Accupressure, Chair, Pre/Post Natal, Shiatsu, Reiki etc.
Linda Mitchell has worked in the healing arts for over 10 years at chiropractors,
medical facilities, fitness centers & corporations.  She combines her gifts of
Therapeutic Massage, Reiki & Health Counseling to provide individually tailored
sessions to help clients achieve their own personal best health through just one or a
combination of all modalities offered.
Andrea Viglasi, LMT                                 Delivered Indulgence

Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Pilates Instructor (mat and equipment)
Personalized, affordable and quality massage should be available to all who prefer this
modality of healing and relaxation. With years of training both in various massage
techniques and pilates practices I proudly provide my clients with the highest quality
and most affordable service.
Janice Scalia                                                        Total Radiant Health

Energetic & Vibrational Healing: Releasing core soul wounds for transformative
healing.  Freeing the soul to achieve its highest potential.
This  healing practice  transcends all 7 layers of the auric egg as well as all 12
dimensional bodies, soul aspects and soul extensions. This allows one to shed that
which no longer serves one’s highest potential. Spiritual activations to allow one to
fully open up to their divinity, soul gifts and a deeper understanding of their souls’
mission are also performed.
Hilda Blair, CHt. ATP®                       Hypnotherapist, Angel Therapy Practitioner

Hilda Blair, CHt. ATP® has been certified in hypnotherapy for over eight years and
attended the Newton Institute training for life between life regressions.  She also was
certified by Doreen Virtue, PhD. as an Angel Therapy Practitioner®.  Hilda is certified in
Therapeutic Touch, Integrated Energy and EFT.   Location:  Ramsey, NJ  
Irene Maltzan                                     Wellness Tree  - Holistic Health Counseling
Nutritional Counseling to achieve optimal balance and health.
Wellness Tree program is to help individuals seeking optimal health and balance
through nutrition and stress reduction. Each program is customized to the individual.
In addition flower essences are used to help achieve balance and harmony.
Specialities include weight loss, infertility, ADHD and women's issues.
Robert Galarowicz, BA, CCN, CHN, ACH             Clinical Nutritionist &
Holistic HealthPractitioner

Robert Galarowicz provides Clinical Nutrition counseling to individuals and groups
who are looking to improve their health and overcome any emotional and
physical health issues.
Jennifer D'Esposito, BS, LMT                      Metropolitan Massage and Wellness
"Encouraging healthy living since 1999"  
NYS licensed massage therapy Upper Saddle River, NJ --> Hours by appointment only.
Distributor for AOP Herbs --> a source for natural liquid and/or capsulated herbal
supplements, iridology screening and herbal recommendations.
Dr. Wellbeing - Ganga Peister, MD                         Wellbeing Laughter Yoga Club
Laughter Healing

Dr. Wellbeing was created to share the tools and knowledge that brought Dr. Peister
back to health.  Dr. Wellbeing gives programs that uplift mood and create well-being
to all groups.  Laughter is an essential part of these programs. Laughter is
powerful!  Laughter Healing: "Laughter is to the Soul, what soap is to the body."
Laughter is an innate healing mechanism that releases negative energy.
Wellbeing Laughter Yoga Club     Come laugh & play. Every Weds. at 7:30pm at
Peace Through Play Nursery School, 8 Amber Ridge Rd, Chestnut Ridge, NY 10977
Rena Morris
Readings by Rena - Full Moon Meditations
Readings by appointment - using playing cards, astrology and numerology.
Rena has been open all her life to the psychic energy inside and has been openly
working in the field of readings and healing since 1967.  She did readings at the
Coven Cafe in Nyack, NY from 1980 to 2000 and she is currently working in her
own home office.  Oils made for personal needs, private classes taught in card
reading, numerology.  Teaches meditation, creative visualization, candle magic,
personal wicca.
Full Moon Meditations held monthly working with different chakras, candle colors,
meditations and often using drumming.
Owner: Kim O'Brien
At Nirvana Day Spa, we provide a santuary of wellness with expert training in skin
care. Offering you a complete menu of facials, a full array of theraputic body
massages, body wraps, body waxing, spa pedicures and manicures to fulfill your
every desire.
Beth Leas                                                           Total Life Care Center

Beth, founder of TLC Center where she is available for private sessions and teaches
classes and workshops, has worked extensively with people living with life people
becoming partners in their own health care. As a teacher, she emphasizes designed
to awaken the inner healer.  Healing modalities used:  Reiki and Jin Shin Jyutsu
Bright Wings, Inc.                                          Aromatherapy - Flower Essences
Bright Wings, Inc. serves people who are up to something good, with cool products
including custom blended flower essences for people and animals, and Blue Eagle
Invocation.  We also serve Indigo adults and families with indigo and Crystal children.  
Let us know how we can help.
Marianne Carroll                                               Astrology - Ecstatic Body Postures
Astrodice Readings
Marianne Carroll is a certified practitioner of Ecstatic Ritual Body Postures from the
Cuyamungue Institute in Santa Fe, NM. She facilitates introductions to the work and
guides an ongoing posture group that meets monthly at the New Moon. Marianne is a
gifted astrologer providing dynamic insight for life path interpretations.
Ecstatic Ritual Body Postures: Postures discovered by anthropologist Dr. Felicitas
Goodman from artwork of ancient people that provide doorways to the spirit world.
Astrology:  Interpretation of birth charts and transits from the planets to identify and
understand opportunities they provide in guiding your life.
Joy Herald                              National Lost & Found Hot Line - Psychic Medium

Joy Herald brings 40+years of psychic practice to her clients in a variety of skills that
include, long distance viewing (for lost and found), past life regression, speaking to
the other side, ghost busting ,exorcism, predictive readings, dowsing with
pendulum, medical intuitive and sound/color healing.
Psychic Medium: All info you need for now/future. Medical intuitive exorcist, ghost
buster, color/sound healing, magic ritual affirmations, past lives.
Psychic parties, classes, lectures and fund-raisers:   Make a hit with a psychic
party!  Explore talents with classes, aid a good cause, experienced
lecture/performances for groups.
Reena Mancuso, LMT                       Massage Therapy - Active Isolated Stretching
Deep tissue massage to relieve pain and stress. Techniques include trigger point
therapy, neuromuscular therapy and myofascial release. Treatment plan is based on
postural analysis and requirements of the individual. Active Isolated  Stretching is
also offered as a treatment and maintenance program.
Active Isolated Stretching:  An extremely effective stretching technique which uses
the reciprocal relationship of muscles to achieve a maximal stretch.
Janet O'Shea, LCSW                                 Psychotherapy - Hypnotherapy
-                                                                               IET Healing/Instructor -
                Reiki Practitioner/Instructor
Janet blends traditional psychotherapy with non-traditional healing modalities such
as regression hypnotherapy, IET, Reiki, and various mediation techniques. This
combination of perception helps to clear blocks in thought patterns and antiquated
belief patterns, assisting you in opening up to your own wisdom and guidance.

issues of depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and other life challenges.
Hypnotherapist:  Through deep relaxation one is able to more easily access their
own wisdon and healing through this guided internal process.
Integrated Energy Therapist/ Instructor (IET): IET is a powerful healing modality
that works with the Angels of the Violet Ray, helping to release energy blockages.
Reiki Practitioner/ Instructor: Reiki is an ancient healing modality that safely helps
to clear blocks that inhibit our well being and growth.
Muriel Lyn Morgan, BA, LMT                  Medical Massage Pain Relief
Specializing in Medical Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release,
Neuromuscular, Deep Tissue, Advanced Neck Work, Pre-Natal, Swedish, Sports,
Reflexology of the Feet, Shiatsu, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) –
Serious Stretching, Hot Stone, Chair, Cancer, Post-Mastectomy and Life Altering
Illness Massage.  Appointments available on nights and weekends.
Massage: Treating everyone from infants to geriatrics, with relaxation to

Space Available:   Office share available for LMT or similar professional, rent
negotiable, available for the hour, week or day.  
Oreste "Rusty" D'Aversa                                  The Institute of Practical Spirituality
Life Purpose Coaching: Discover your life purpose.  Learn a step by step process to
learn your life's work achieve true happiness, unlimited prosperity and personal
All Faiths Ministry and Spiritual Healer:  All faiths minister helping people through
spiritual counseling.  
Other services include weddings, baptisms, baby naming ceremonies, house/business
blessings and funerals.  Hands on healing in the tradition of Jesus Christ.
Helping people on their life's path and true work with practical tools in the areas of: life
purpose coaching, career services, small business start up and consulting, and spiritual
   SoapRocks & Trace Mineral Bath Salts
CalmBirth Childbirth Meditation Teacher/Doula Services
Salt Lamps provide
natural air purification and light therapy: natural air purifier providing beautiful
"glow" light for therapy - Soaprocks contain "good-for-you" ingredients - not
stones such as Opal, Malachite, Marble Trace Bath Salts - Bathing Salts featuring
trace minerals that you soak in - being absorbed by the skin.  Salt Boards for
Doula Services available - Calm birth classes :  Currently seeking births to obtain
DONA Doula certification - will travel to NY and NJ.  Free Doula services if qualified!  
Calm Birth Meditation Classes forming now - see for information.
Kathy Steinberg,             *Individual, Family and Marital
Counseling                                                    *Parenting Support *Meditation &
Stress Reduction
*Hypnosis and Guided Imagery   *Integrated Energy Healing     *Reiki

Stress and Anxiety, Marriage-Family-Parenting Issues, Panic Disorder, Depression,
Sexual Abuse Issues, Sexual Identity Issues, Support for patient or family members
of patients while battling a chronic or life-threatening illness,  Family Dysfunction,
Substance Abuse and Co-Dependence Issues.  
Kathy Steinberg offers support so that you can explore your personal issues in a
gentle, healing, nurturing, interactive and supportive environment.
For those who choose to incorporate spirituality into their healing process, Kathy
will work with you and your spiritual beliefs to use the many tools available to you in
your journey towards balance and healing.
Yasmina                                              Psychic Palm Readings

While holding the indivudal's hand, the reading provides guidance, wisdom and
healing using my intuition and psychic abilities.  Using the hand as my tool, I start
the psychic reading by looking at the individual's hand - and continue the reading
by connecting with that individual's energy.  Yasmina has been a psychic reader
for over 12 years.  Formerly of Good Vibrations in Suffern, NY.
Readings by appointment - several locations available.
Teri Grayner, CADC                           Sephora Group:  Meditation and Reiki

There is more than one way to heal.  Using a combination of meditation and reiki
healing energy can be done over the phone or in person.  
Forgiveness meditation is an out-of-body experience that can clear lifetimes of anger
and sadness away.  It can be done on the telephone or in person.                
Reiki healing is a process that moves present and past out of your way.  It gives us
more energy and focus for the present.
Cathy Baiardi                                                Reflexology for Inner Peace/
Coaching with Love

Reflexology induces deep relaxation, reduces stress, enhances your body's natural
ability to heal itself, aids in pain reduction.   
Coaching with Love removes emotional blocks, reveals your inner-most desires, creates
connection with the true self and supports heart-centered living.
Cathy Baiardi is an emotional healer and peacemaker with over 20 years experience in
energy work.  She is certified in Coaching from Love and Board Certified by the American
Reflexology Certification Board.  Clients leave sessions feeling lighter, freer, energized,
more connected and with new clarity on moving forward.
STARR                                                 Psychic Readings - Tarot
Psychic readings, tarot cards, mediumship crossover, palm reading, teaching psychic
development classes.
By appointment - also available for parties and events.
Mark Gilliland                               Shamanic Practice - Sacred & Visionary Art

Shamanic Practice: Journeys, meditations and visualizations for hands-on or remote
healing, centering and clearing, protection, contact with guides and ancestor spirits,
death transitioning.
Sacred and Visionary Art:  Thangkas, madalas, portraits and other inspired imagery
combining art, metaphysics, dreams, meditations, journeys and rituals.
Thankgkas and Mandalas - for meditation and visualization.
Chakra Balancing - Reiki & Inka Light Body techniques, plant spirit allies and flower
mandalas.  Distance Healing.  Pathfinding: leading souls in transition from this world
to the next.  Shamanic Dreaming: visualization sessions, dream work and
journeying.  Space clearing and protection.
Sunder Devi              Ceremonies,  Home Weddings, Baptisms, Spiritual Readings
Lectures, Women Circles,  Sweat Lodge, Master Healer
Ancient Indian Lotus Healing,  Reiki Therapy

Sunder Devi has worked across the board in Shamanic work for 30 years, and with
her own people, the Aboriginals of Australia, as a dreamer and the keeper of
Medicine Bundle.   She studied Shakti Healing and Tantra under the Masters, and
with a Lakota for 8 years.    She has also conducted healings and ceremonies in
Europe, India and United States.   Sunder has lectured at acclaimed universities,
achievements in Mysticism, Healing and Channeling.

Sunder Devi is an Ordained Minister with the Australian Spiritual Church as well as
the United Life Church of America.   She has performed Home Weddings and
Baptisms that offer a more personal touch for the ones you love.   She also offers
Designer Weddings and Baptisms.  
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phone: 845-440-3422

phone: 201-486-4279
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phone:  646-996-4837

1858 Pleasantville Rd. #166
Briarcliff Manor, NY  10510

phone:  888-833-1725
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Sloatsburg, NY
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Location: Ramsey, NJ

phone: 201-236-8976
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Call for an appt. at Peaceful
Pathsphone: 973-283-9444
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P.O. Box 171
Wyckoff, NJ   07417

phone: 866-681-1556


152 East Avenue
Norwalk, CT  06851

phone: 203-853-4852
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2 Groesbeck Ct.
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42 Lake Street
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Mahwah, NJ

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617 Main Street
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16A Lafayette Avenue
Suffern, NY  10901
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Location: Pearl River, NY & NYC

phone: 845-641-5554
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Located in Piermont, NY

phone: 845-398-0052
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1 Sears Drive, FL#
Paramus, NJ  07652

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128 So. Broadway

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Webpage on this website:

71 Lafayette Avenue
Suffern,  NY  10901

phone: 845-634-3080 or
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Patricia Guerin, RN, BSN                           Transformational Healing Practice

Patricia uses her mastery of a variety of powerful energy and  ancient healing
therapies to affectively bring about  deep, lasting and profoundly life-altering healing.
to the divine and renewed sense of self empowerment.
*  Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Master Instructor *  Therapeutic Touch Practitioner
*  Serenity Vibrational Healer
Modalities used in healing: *  Shamanism *  Occidental Metaphysics "The Path of the
Tree"  *   Inner Alchemy  *   Soul Retrieval  *   Past Life Healing  *   REIKI Master
* Only USA Certifiied ShamanTherapist  (certification through Marc Beriault at IMO in
Najah                                                Past Life & Intuitive Readings
Najah’s spiritual connections sustained her through childhood trauma.  Through
her own spiritual searching, doors of wisdom and enlightenment have opened
to her.  Her gifts include the ability to channel the spirit world, identify past lives
this earth.  The spirit world is always willing to aid the search for one’s personal
and spiritual fulfillment in life, and Najah’s readings have helped many on their
sacred path.  
phone: 845-268-9155
BR Holistic Healing                                     Energy Healing, Yoga, Meditation
BR Holistic Healing offers energy healing and yoga/tai-chi class.  Through mind/body
practice empowers the individual to gain mastership of one's life through
self-awareness, self-acceptance and inner peace.  We call this Health, Happiness and
Peace.  Our instructors are available for customized off-site class.
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phone:  201-444-6020
Lindsey Sass, LMT     Medium, Clairvoyant Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Hypnotist
             Certified Reflexologist and Aromatherapist

Lindsey is director of The NJ Healing Center in Bloomingdale, NJ.
Lindsey was struck by lightning and had a near death experience that altered her
life. She was featured in Women's World Magazine, Out of The Blue by John
Freidman, and the documentary The Path. She became clairvoyant with the ability to
see into the spiritual world and has helped many open their intuitive perceptions
throughout the world. In her practice she guides people on their spiritual path to
make life decisions and to better understand themselves and their life path. She
facilitates assisting her clients to communicate with their deceased loved one's thus
feeling love and peace healing the mourning process in a safe environment.
As a Licensed massage therapist, and Spiritual Teacher Lindsey has had hands
on experience for many years after graduating from the Swedish Institute in 1986
She has a BS in Psychology, and a Licensed Massage Therapist, a member of the  
International Assoc of Counselors & Therapists, and Hypnotist. She is a teacher
trainer of Developing Clairvoyant and Intuitive Abilities, Maya Abdominal Massage,
Infant Massage Instructor Trainer, and Hypnotist's for Childbirth Training. She is a
Certified Reflexologist and Aromatherapist.

The NJ Healing Center,
132 Main St,
Bloomingdale, NJ 07403

phone: 973-714-0765
Ciarán  Sheehan                                                                   Voice Healing
Professional Actor/Singer/Voice Healer

Ciarán Sheehan is an acclaimed actor/singer also trained in voice healing. He has studied
and worked with esteemed healers Patricia Guerin, Miranda Saunders, and his friend
James Van Praagh, with whom he has taught healing workshops. He is also trained in IET.
His voice has an amazing quality that touches the heart and soul of those who hear him
sing and his ability to connect with people is simply incredible. More importantly however is
his dedication to helping others and his willingness to share his story. As a survivor of
sexual abuse as a child Ciarán has a sincere desire to help others heal the wounds of
their past and discover the beauty in their own spirituality.  That is what his latest
venture, a new program called “AWAKEN” is all about.
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alternative email:

phone: 212 665 6505

Joan Snow                                                           Swept By Angels

Intuitive Energy Healer - Crystal Reiki, Psychic/Medium Angel Card Readings, House
Blessings & Clearing (Spirit Release - Spirit Rescue).
  I respect and practice these ancient and New Age principles of working with the
Divine and spiritual realm energies that are full of pure love, joy and peace –thus
granting a harmonious energy shift.  I am an ordained Universal Life Church Minister.

phone:  845-641-1579
Allis C. Dunleavy                               An Angels Thought
                                                  Swept by Angels
~ Psychic /Medium Working with the Angelic Realm
~ Trance Healer    
~ HOUSE Clearing/ Blessings / Spirit Release/ Spirit
Rescue                                                       Allis is a Psychic Medium certified by the
Montclair Metaphysical Center.  She is a Trance Healer who had the unique honor to
study Channeling and Trance Healing from the renowned Australian Medium Audrey
Willey.  She also does House Clearing/
Blessings/Spirit Release/Spirit Rescue with her partner Joan Snow.
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phone: 845-721-4842
Rockland County and
NY/NJ Area
Honey Jacobs, M.A.                       Counseling for Adults

I work with individuals and couples in goal oriented counseling environment.  In a
safe and healing environment, I work with people (both straight and gay) learning
how to handle stress, relationships, anxiety, phobias, and how to achieve a happier
and healthier attitude toward the process of living.  I also use past life regression as
a therapeutic tool.  I charge on a sliding scale.

Location: 152 S. Broadway
        Nyack, NY  10960

phone: 845-358-5311
Julie Connor, CCT Certified Clinical Thermographer         Thermography
Thermographic Health Advantage -  Blauvelt, NY

Thermography is an exceptional radiation-free, painless and noninvasive health
screening procedure that provides a comprehensive insight into your overall
health. Our medical grade thermography cameras measure and map specific heat
patterns in the body, which can detect illness, inflammation and disease in their
earliest stages. A staff of physicians, trained and board certified in medical
thermography will review your medical history, interpret your images, and write a
detailed report with their findings and clinical recommendations.

Our medical grade, highly sensitive thermal camera has been FDA registered and
approved for medical use since 1982. Feel confident knowing that a team of
medical doctors trained and board certified in medical thermography provide all of
our imaging interpretations and thermographic reports.

Thermographic Health Advantage is located in Blauvelt, New York and we also
provide mobile services to professional practices. To read more about our services
please visit our website at

We offer breast studies, region of interest, wellness screenings as well as full
body screenings. Appointment can be 20 – 55 minutes in length.

Our Certified Clinical Thermographer, Julie Connor, is available to answer any of
your questions and would be happy to schedule your appointment 845-222-6923